Hello, I'm
Abraham Aremu

Full Stack Developer and open source enthusiast. Maybe AI guru soon. Gotta keep up with Devin. 😉

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Choc UI

Choc UI is a set of accessible and reusable components that are commonly used in web applications.

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Choc UIChoc UI

Other projects

Zag.js (Co Maintainer)Zag.js (Co Maintainer)
Zag.js (Co Maintainer)

Zag is a collection of framework-agnostic UI component patterns like accordion, menu, and dialog that can be used to build design systems for React, Vue and Solid.js

State MachinesComponent library
Panda CSS (Co Maintainer)Panda CSS (Co Maintainer)
Panda CSS (Co Maintainer)

CSS-in-JS with build time generated styles, RSC compatible, multi-variant support, and best-in-class developer experience

StylingDesign Systems
Panda CSS PlaygroundPanda CSS Playground
Panda CSS Playground

Playground to experiment with Panda CSS and generate styles for your project